Solution for Diabetes. Of yacon leaf extracts have the ability to increase insulin levels and consequently reduce blood glucose levels.

Stevia Líquida

Natural Sweetener. Sweetener (esteviósido), which is extracted
, it is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar,
young leaves have a pleasant licorice flavor and can be
used to replace refined sugar. Regenerative effects on the pancreas
Omega 3


  • High triglycerides.
  • All cancer.
  • Attention Deficit.
  • Depression.
  • Improved cholesterol.
  • Dementia, Alzheimers.
  • Accelerated aging.
  • Arrhythmia, sudden death.
  • Preterm infants, and postpartum depression. Cerca de 55 beneficios totales. About 55 total profits.


Shark Cartilage
Increase and improve the mechanisms controlled by insulin, increasing the level of muscle glycogen and improve the absorption of glucose and branched amino acids inside the cell, an increase of these at a higher speed, and certainly much higher .




DIABETES disappointed MURDER

How can "cure" for diabetes

Diabetes can be prevented completely, but it is virtually curable for anyone who is willing to devote time and complete treatment based on perseverance, food, natural medicines that lead to the cure the resources to help you eliminate a standing the devastating consequences of diabetes are summarized below. Please understand that diabetes is curable, that's right peder a good quality of life as we all live, there is no incurable illness, is that adjustments are simple lifestyle inexpensive combining knowledge of diabetes as Natural cures and products to be effective in diabetes that do not require unnecessary spending,

What you know about diabetes may be all wrong

If you contract diabetes and are placed in the hands of treatments sooner or later pharmacy no prescription you experience one or more of the symptoms mentioned as their diabetes progresses. It is now a common practice to refer to these symptoms as if they are separate diseases with no treatment relationship with each other and treated by different specialists.

If it is true that many of these symptoms can and sometimes are the result of other causes, but it is also true that this excuse has been used to disguise the role of diabetes in these symptoms and this is done with the purpose of justifying expensive and ineffective treatments to address them.

When you reach the end of this article you even going to know. You will find that this disease is not cured by treatments which usually follow a patient with diabetes. and you will know how to cure it. If the public was well informed about the oil, acidosis, hidden sugars in foods, the world would have many fewer cases of diabetes.

Many diabetic patients suffer serious consequences from complications in the organs, feet, eyes, kidneys, heart, though many patients come curándose an alternative. In the world unbelief prevails, then the complications of surgery , cataracts, kidney transplants, and so on. make their appearance. After all it is not desirable to have a natural medicine that is effective and inexpensive in a capitalist world where the monopoly of the market is specifically designed to treat the symptoms without having to cure the disease. The natural treatments have shown that cure diseases.

This is the reason why the laws have been used to eliminate the natural medicines market to remove the cure word from the vocabulary, if the patient with diabetes are not aware that the medicines you are taking is not helping him in his improvement, means that diabetes is following its course to destroy the cells of organs, feet, eyes, kidneys, heart, etc.. You must act immediately regenerating the affected organ (pancreas).

That is why the patient feels no pain and the improvement increases and no treatment has cured the traditional cure diabetes or, worse still only treating the patient increase the risk of further complicating his diabetes and while the blood sugar is not normal bodies remain damaged and therefore the patient experience by visiting specialists and changing medications, let alone achieving diabetes as it is destructive forward. If you contract diabetes and are placed in the hands of traditional treatments, sooner or later experienced one or more of the symptoms mentioned as their diabetes progresses.

Pancreatic beta cells that are surrounded by acid can not produce enough insulin. Acids destroy insulin receptor in cell membranes of the pancreas, the cells in this way the bodies can not use insulin. If the state no alkaline is soon restored in blood diseases and complications begin to appear. Along with this complicates the picture with the modern diet absence of the essential nutrition that the body needs to combat the metabolic consequences caused by these toxic diabetes Restoring a balance of healthy fats and oils, to continue the program until the insulin is normalized.

Cardiovascular disease. The most frequent manifestations of this group are myocardial infarction and stroke.

Diabetic retinopathy. Are injuries to blood vessels that irrigate the retina of the eye. These vessels are damaged due to high levels of blood glucose and hypertension.

The Diabetic foot. You have to understand that it occurs as a result of the association of one or more of the following components: Diabetic neuropathy (peripheral nerve damage with loss of consciousness), peripheral vascular disease (lack of blood flow in the feet). If you avoid, treat or improve these components prevents the diabetic foot.

Early detection of lesions and prompt attention to them are essential to save many patients with diabetes.

An acid body is not no place for disease. Since the acids destroy the insulin receptor in cell membranes, but more importantly it has been discovered is that these cells can be restored.

When insulin levels in the blood begin to rise rapidly reaching damaging levels, they begin to cause damage to arteries, eyes, feet, kidneys and the entire vascular system, damaging organs and causing pain in the feet, blurred vision, pressure in the brain, among other annoyances, the glucose in the blood is running around and causing damage to organs.

Briefly, fatty acids promote inflammation, thrombosis, arrhythmia, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, etc. These fatty acids produced in our kitchens. We must prevent the food they produce acidosis in the blood products that contain sugar or that turn into sugar quickly after being ingested.

The Manual Handling, Balanced Diet and Health, Medical and Information consists of a large percentage of alkalizing products and a low percentage of acidic products, diet, natural medicines, information and respect food allowed, review the table of low glycemic index, Natural Medicine include already recognized in the treatment of diabetes, is the answer to a safe treatment for diabetes. The reduced level of glucose in the blood. Stimulation of the pancreas, regulates the maintenance of blood sugar. Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Improve the overall functioning of the immune system. Regenerate nerves damaged by diabetes, neuropathy, rinopatia, nafropatia. Induce pancreatic beta cells to generate a considerable secretion of insulin, eliminate toxins, gliconutrientes intake, antioxidants, omega, anthocyanins, magnesium, zinc, multivitamins, scrubbers toxins table alkalinizantes products, etc are the sure cure diabetes. Just knowing how to take them.



Thank you, Mr. treated for diabetes, after reading the information from Peter about diabetes and its cure, I tell them that my dad has been in the hands of this treatment and medicines, he started with a glucose of 280 while This is a dietary treatment with 3 days and months and their blood glucose levels are above 149,120, which is not happening with metformin, and their complications.
The information is based on logic, scientific research and therefore I decided to take it further you get the products are recognized by WHO as an alternative medicine such as stevia and I think many might alleviate their diabetes, my father was before cataract surgery, vision became ill but now better than it looked fuzzy for always with high glucose now no longer takes medication, and eating healthy is good, his cholesterol is at 195 was not easy for his 75 years but now loves his treatment is share for those who take it really believe that if the diabetes is cured.

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