antiseptic, dietary sweeteners fortifiers, painkillers, laxatives, diuretics, having bactericidal properties against most illnesses.

I have been diabetic for 15 years and have pursued a wide variety of treatments, I have even combined with various medicinal plants without any clear results. Download lot of weight, could not walk normally, I hurt my body much. A year ago I started with insulin, glucose and I never was in normal limits. My health was deteriorating. Through a friend who was cured and brought me the information on this diet, I knew from the beginning that this could help me, and started to follow her and my glucose is normal. I want to clarify that discontinued all medications and insulin.

Doris López de Zegarra
Atlanta - EEUU

Desde joven padecia de Glucosa Alta, llegue a tener hasta 250 mg. En el 2005 se me complico todo, me quede sin movimiento y con el cuerpo hinchado, me diagnosticaron Neuropatia Diabética, me llenaron de medicamentos, hasta que un buen día me entere de que muchas personas se estaban sanando de la DIABETES a través de un Tratamiento y Dieta Efectiva, comence dicho tratamiento y a la primera semana ya me sentia mucho mejor, y después de un tiempo ya no necesitaba las medicinas, ahora estoy curada, mi páncreas se recuperó, mi nivel de glucosa es de 95 mg, todo gracias al Tratamiento Natural y sus 10 Poderosos Alimentos, ahora puedo caminar y dormir perfectamente gracias a la DIABETES TRATAMIENTO y su cura efectiva.

Kathleen Wolferg




With treatment, diet, natural medicines can have a rapid recovery and restoration of their health and increase energy levels, restoring glucose levels, preventing the nerves from the bodies continue to be destroyed by high glucose, making the pancreas to produce insulin naturally This natural treatment, complete, take a few weeks to take effect and make the person decide cured by restoring the insulin receptor in the cell membrane, a body that is not acid has no room for diabetes.

How is that diabetes damages the nervous system?

High levels of glucose in the blood for many years can damage the blood vessels that carry oxygen to some nerves. High levels of glucose in the blood also damage the coating of nerves. It is possible that the damaged nerves to stop sending messages. Or maybe send messages too slowly or when not to.

Diabetic neuropathy is the medical term used to refer to damage to the nervous system caused by diabetes.

How can the damage caused by diabetes to the peripheral nerves?

The peripheral nerves are the arms, hands, legs and feet. Damage to these nerves can cause a sensation of numbness in the arms, hands, legs and feet. Furthermore, they may no longer feel pain, heat or cold when it should feel. You may feel sharp pain or burning or tingling have. These feelings are often worse at night. You may have trouble sleeping because of this discomfort. Most of the time these feelings are felt on both sides of the body, for example, in both feet. But it may be on one side of the body.

Damage to peripheral nerves can change the shape of your feet. The muscles of the feet become weak and the tendons of the foot get shorter. All studies indicate that people who keep their blood glucose levels within these limits, can prevent long-term complications of diabetes.

Moreover, in this way, we feel better, more active and responsible for our health. The diabetic person must learn a few things with regard to diet and meal planning (the more things can be allowed greater freedom of movement). Also you should know how to affect their glucose levels are other factors such as exercise, medication and stress. Analysis of blood glucose will tell whether it is achieving its objectives.

When you're sick

Beware when you are sick because a disease can make your blood sugar rises too. Here are some tips on what to do:

  • Measure the level of blood sugar every 4 hours. Record the results.
  • Keep taking your medications for diabetes. Should take even if you can not eat without vomiting.
  • Every hour while awake, take at least one cup (8 oz / 240 mL) of water or other liquid with no calories and no caffeine.
  • If you can not eat the foods you eat normally, take juice or eat crackers, popsicles, or soup.
  • If you can not eat at all, drink clear soda such as applesauce. If you find it hard to eat without vomiting, eat or drink something containing sugar, because it still need calories. If you do not eat enough run a higher risk of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
  • In people with type 1 diabetes, the body produces ketones when the blood sugar is high. Ketones can cause a disease. Let there be blood or urine test to detect ketones.
  • their blood sugar is greater than 240 can not eat or drink without vomiting Call a doctor immediately.

    • their blood sugar is over 240 per day has more than ketones.
    • feel more sleepy than usual.
    • feel short of breath.
    • can not think clearly.
    • vomits more than once.
    • have diarrhea for more than 6 hours.

Types of physical activity that you should not do

If you have medical problems caused by diabetes, some types of exercise can worsen. For example, lifting a lot of weight may worsen the eye problems caused by diabetes. This is because a lot of weight lifting (or do similar activities) increases the pressure in the eye. Some people have numbness in the feet due to nerve damage caused by diabetes. If this is the case for you, your doctor may recommend that you swim instead of walk or do aerobics.

When you have numbness in the feet, could not feel any pain in them. Blisters or sores may get worse because they do not realize that you have. If you do not receive proper care, these minor injuries can become serious problems, even amputations. When you exercise, take the following measures:

Wear cotton.

Wear comfortable shoes that fit well and that is designed for the activity to be done.

After exercising, revise their feet to see if you have cuts, sores, bumps or redness.

If you see any problems in your feet, call your doctor.

The lettuce can reduce by more than 30 per cent blood sugar in diabetics and in view of its virtues, it is preferable to consume raw or cooked dinner, to encourage sleep and to facilitate the evacuation of the intestinal bolus The next morning, said plantasquecuran.com.

The name of the medicinal plant is Lactuca sativa, family Compositae composite or herbaceous plant, very popular and is native to Asia have found that is able to reduce by more than 30 per cent blood sugar in diabetics.

There are different varieties of lettuce. While they differ somewhat in composition, all of which are rich in fiber and healthy ingredients such as vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, various amino acids and minerals.

People who are overweight are somewhat more likely to have diabetes, but if these same people manage to lose weight by 7% of your current weight, will delay or prevent disease.

This plan teaches you to eat anything but a healthy diet, for example you can eat pizza, omelets, casseroles, turkey, among many things, but within a special diet.

Just trying to follow the diet and prevent the progress or the onset of diabetes, and not a part of more than 30% of people who have the disease only in one part of the world. You have to understand that diabetes is a disease that no one has but a condition that is producing a very active to keep eating a poor diet full of acids and toxins.

Latest Data
According to the WHO

In 1985, it was estimated that there were 30 million people with diabetes around the world.
Today, there are at least 177 million people with diabetes, an increase of almost six times in just 15 years.

If we do nothing to stop the epidemic, the figure will reach 300 million in 25 years. An estimated 70 thousand children under 15 years of type 1 diabetes each year (at least 200 children a day).

The disease has a unique impact on children and their families. The child's daily life is disrupted by the need to monitor blood glucose levels, take medication and balance the effect of activity and intake done.

Its effects are so devastating that in United States, diabetes accounts for almost half of non-traumatic amputations. Gangrene of the extremities is 53 times more common in diabetic men and 71 times higher in women with diabetes than in the general population.

Lesions in the diabetic foot "does not always occur due to lack of movement but because of diabetic neuropathy or impairment of the nerves due to diabetes. Neuropathies lead to deformities and loss of sensation in the foot leading to the emergence of many problems.

Natural products

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It's incredible after many struggles with pain could not walk, plenty of thirst, and urine, headaches, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the specialist just told me to follow your insulin and diets, with diabetes and 2 a glucose of 450 down to 200 only not improved, neuropathy never knew until I was moving gave me many recipes as we know diets, wheat bread, saccharin, little milk, a little rice, a PYREX second, just as I was still me is that many are cured by the internet are testimonies of some former seek help diabetics they told me that the cells of the pancreas to recover you see my specialist, said the diabetes has no cure and then I decided to search through a former diabetic who met in the library, I explained about new developments in diabetes research and properties of plants and anthocyanin, Omega and allow nutrients and many foods from my diet which only exacerbated my illness but now with glucose levels 95 on 100 mg, it is my incredible improvement began within a few weeks and I got the full treatment with natural medicines and began my improvement. Found that N-acetylglucosamine, Mannose, fructose, galactose and glusamine increase secretion of insulin. Galactose is a very important effect in stimulating the secretion of insulin, which are in abundance in certain foods, and there are products that accelerate the healing of Scientists Germany, Japan, Australia have discovered that it is possible that information I sent to the list of food and natural healing accelerated my normal job now live with my children away from the concern. Taking medication daily and today, I no longer "why I want to thank my healing.

Samy Hoover

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